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UC Berkeley’s Skydeck and Tshimologong bring you the Opportunity to Access International Markets

Posted about Tshimologong partners with UC Berkeley by Kendal Makgamathe

Tshimologong and UC Berkeley partner to bring you the opportunity to apply for SkyDeck, the University of California’s premier startup accelerator and incubator program

Ranked as one of the top 5 university accelerator programs in the world with a cohort acceptance rate of ~1%, Startups accepted to join SkyDeck will be accelerated for launch into Silicon Valley, the U.S., or international markets depending on relevance of product market fit. Startups who complete the program from partner institutions will be interviewed by SkyDeck for the Cohort Program at Berkeley SkyDeck if requested.

The Program, called University Innovation Partnership (UIP), is a collaborative initiative between The University of California, Berkeley – SkyDeck and Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct. The main purpose is to provide education and hands on experience in accelerating and incubating startups through an intensive program of workshops, webinars, and networking events hosted by UC Berkeley faculty, industry specialists, venture capitalists, accredited angel investors, and the SkyDeck leadership team. SkyDeck welcomes UIP startups from various industries and across different funding stages and works with the companies to facilitate custom programming tailored towards their goals.


Accelerate startup growth: The program aligns the resources and capabilities of SkyDeck’s innovation and startup ecosystem with the specific needs of each startup (e.g. network development, team growth, business modeling, product-market fit, customer development, go-to-market strategy, investor relationship building, fundraising).

As part of SkyDeck’s UIP program, participating startups will receive:

  • Access to Berkeley Acceleration Method (BAM) workshops
  • Access to, and oversight from 250+ advisors of UCB faculty, industry executives, VCs, and investors
  • Access to Advisor office hours
  • Access to $700K+ in in-kind resources including data analytics platforms, cloud computing, SaaS, legal, and financial/accounting services
  • Opportunity to reach out to advisors individually to schedule time to connect
  • Access to open work areas on the penthouse floor (if visiting SkyDeck)
  • Opportunity to meet with additional SkyDeck staff 1:1 as requested
  • Possibility to receive follow-on investments from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund
  • Guaranteed pitch to SkyDeck Fund Manager – Chon Tang
  • Specialty programming provided as requested
  • Customized introductions to UC Berkeley Faculty as requested
  • Access to postdocs and Berkeley – Haas School of Business MBAs for project work
  • Customized advisor meet and greet events
  • Opportunity to present at SkyDeck’s Showcase Event with 200+ attendees
  • Dedicated SkyDeck staff member to facilitate tailored programming
  • Certificate of program completion signed by the Executive Director of SkyDeck
  • Guaranteed first-round interview for full cohort in subsequent batch (if requested by startup team)
  • Admittance into SkyDeck’s University Innovation Partner program online networking and resource platform

The UIP core program accommodates startups across all tech industries and verticals. In addition to the core programing, SkyDeck has offers three (3) industry specific tracks:

  1. Biotech Track
  2. Chip/Hardware Track
  3. Aerospace Track

Startups focused on any of these three tech industries will have programing and oversight further tailored towards their industry specific needs.

Program Criteria

Startup teams may have no more than four (4) members attending the program at any given time

  • At least one (1) co-founder of each startup must be an affiliate of Tshimologong Precinct or Wits University either as a student, alumnus, faculty, or staff member
  • This program  will  be  hosted  online  to  facilitate  access
  • Further details are outlined in SkyDeck’s UIP Partner Program Agreement

To apply for evaluation to access the program, please provide the following information:

  • Startup name
  • Members/titles
  • Startup URL (if applicable)
  • Brief description of what the startup does
  • How far along is the startup?
  • Which industry is the startup in?
  • Any other relevant information

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