DLA x Africa Games Week – Showcase

Digital Lab Africa is one of the continents premier incubators for emerging video game talent. Now in its sixth year, we have brought together a showcase of five DLA winners from Nigeria, South Africa, Togo and Madagascar for Africa Games Week.

Digital Lab Africa is supported by the French Development Agency, the French Institute and French Embassy in South Africa and the French Embassy in Nigeria, SACEM, and TV5Monde.

The French Embassy in Nigeria is our special supporting partner for the DLA in 2021 highlighting their support for Nigerian digital creatives.


Studio: Red Raketa Studio, Madagascar

DLA 2021


KALANORO is a third-person platform adventure game. Using powers from the four elements, the player’s mission will be to save the inhabitants of the island who have been transformed into chickens by a witch. This quest will take the player to the emblematic places of Madagascar where he will have to face the creatures as funny as dangerous, all mythical from Malagasy folklore.

*video does not contain sound

I Can Transform

Studio: Is Daouda, Togo

DLA 2021


I Can Transform is an action-platform video game available on Android and Web. In this game, you will use your special costume which allows you to transform into mechanical objects (Car, Rocket, Helicopter, Motorcycle, …) to avoid obstacles, collect Vortex Gems in levels and defeat the Assas (bad guys who want to destroy the world). The game contains an advertising platform that promotes products, services and music. This C ++ video game engine called “is :: Engine” is available for free on Github.

Mama Julie

Studio: Studio 3Point3, Nigeria


Mama Julie is an infinite Isometric 3d runner game with an elaborate back story. Gameplay is centered around Mama Julie running through the Streets of Lagos to deliver food to her customers. The Success of her business is dependent on her reaching every customer in time. Lagos city provides a unique backdrop for the game because of its diverse characters and environment elements. The game’s art will be low polygon stylized model. There will be no dynamic lighting or reflection.



DLA 2020

BEYOND is a game about an African warrior on the brink of death, searching for a mysterious drum – “ILU”. By beating ilu, a portal will open and the warrior is granted a safe passage home – Paradise. Beyond is a fictional realm between the land of the living and the dead. A forbidden forest filled with resident gods and demons that protect ilu and torture trapped souls on their journey to paradise.


Studio: Studio Starburst, South Africa

DLA 2020


Qyn is an Isometric Action Adventure Game focussed on exploring an interconnected and dynamic world. It is set in Elberra, a world influenced by the Medieval Indian Ocean Trade Network.

Digital Lab Africa 2022

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