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Digital Lab Africa – Animation & XR Showcase

Digital Lab Africa is one of the continents premier incubators for emerging digital talent. Now in its sixth year, we have brought together a showcase of five DLA winners from Nigeria and South Africa in celebration of DLA’s participation at two events with French partners: New Images XR Focus Program and the Annecy Festival.

Digital Lab Africa is supported by the French Development Agency, the French Institute and French Embassy in South Africa and the French Embassy in Nigeria, and TV5Monde. It’s media partner is Trace Africa.

XR: Virtuality Africa

Studio: Experis Immersive, Nigeria, DLA2021

Virtuality Africa is a Virtual Reality Museum experience of African Arts, Culture & Heritage with the theme: “Emerging Future of The Past; Permuting an Afrocentric Utopia.” The project attempts to recoup failed visions of African art, technology, philosophy and everyday life by rearranging possible scenarios of alternative kinds of social interaction into a utopian virtual reality museum experience. 

In partnership with the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Arts Lagos, Nigeria’s largest private art museum, Oriosun Gallery Abuja and the Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art Foundation, we are digitising 50 unique African artworks and sculptures via 3D Modelling and Photogrammetry.

We are seeking to create the most extensive 3D collection of contemporary African artworks online for the metaverse in an African village themed museum experience, portraying the stories and uniqueness of each artist and how they are changing and redefining the narrative about Africa and its people. 

Stage: In Active Production

Animation: Mannerisms

Studio: Palamang Animation, South Africa, DLA 2020

When his best friend Richard commits suicide, Sello starts to mimic his mannerisms to hold on to his memory, but Sello must learn to accept the loss or risk facing the same fate.

Stage: Early Development

Animation: Aminah’s Journey

Studio: Zero Gravity Studios, Nigeria, DLA2021


A young girl from northern Nigeria escapes a Baka Haram attack on her village only to become a refugee. in her own country. 

Stage: In Active Production

XR: Black Women and Sex

Studio: Mogale Pictures, South Africa, DLA2021

Black Women and Sex is about the tension between black women, and the politics of sex. it is a 360 immersive piece where there’s three women on each side (left, middle and right) from South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria) these women are naked and will interact with big bodies of water (ocean, Victoria Falls, River) where water is used as a nuance to express their feelings relating to sex, with a voice over from each woman.

VR: The Cosmic Egg

Studio: Afrocyborg Collective, South Africa, DLA 2019


A traditional Setswana dance musical, meets African Science Fiction Virtual Reality short film, where an anciently-futuristic ostrich egg hunt turns into an eco-time-travel mystery; featuring Afrocyborg dancers, who perform a call to environmental consciousness

Stage: Completed

VR: The Eye of RRE Mutwa

Studio: Afrocyborg Collective, South Africa, DLA 2019


The Eye of Rre Mutwa – An Afrocyborg Homage to  Credo Vasamazulu Mutwa 1921 – 2020. 

An African Science Fiction Virtual Reality short film, inspired by Mutwa’s Zulu mythology, where you are teleported to a mythical planet in the shape of an All Seeing Eye, with the power to see in 360 degrees. 

Stage: Completed

Digital Lab Africa 2023

Digital Lab Africa applications are not open just yet. To get an idea of our Acceleration and Bootcamp programme offer please have a look at our 2022 call for applications which closed in March 2022.

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