Tshimologong is an urban community of future thinkers reimagining digital innovation for a more equitable future. Curiosity and complex interdisciplinary challenges are what drive us to imagine new possibilities. Through research and ingenious collaboration we play, make, learn, incubate and innovate.

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Joseph Mokone (CEO)

Bachelor of Commerce, Law and Economics (Wits)
Tutor at Hippocampus


What do we do

We have built each student their own conversational digital tutor that is:

  • Intelligent;
  • Always available (the system replies instantly); and
  • Affordable

Our innovative machine learning approach allows one-to-one learning to proceed at scale, with tailor-made content for each student.

Business Sector

Education Technology

Target Market

University Students


“Being at Tshimologong has been a learning experience. Its close proximity and collaboration with Wits University has helped Hippocampus create contacts with leaders in the university environment – our primary market – and relationships with some of the Heads of Schools.

Tshimologong exposed us to opportunities at the IBM Research Lab and we got to attend the IBM Design Thinking Workshop on Mandela Day, with an article posted about Hippocampus on the IBM Research Blog. This was important for our credibility when speaking to leaders in the education field.

The Incubation Programme’s one-on-one mentoring sessions helped us define our businesses using the lean methodology and the business model canvas. We were able to talk to our customers and get feedback to use in our product development. Having access to the legal and financial speakers was also a great help to build the foundations necessary for a startup. The constant pitching also developed our self-confidence and our ability to clearly articulate what we do.

There is huge value in Tshimologong’s network of entrepreneurs. We shared our learnings and got help from one another. Using our learnings from the Incubation Programme we won first prize at the IBM DevX Kickstarter Initiative on the 6th of December.”