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26 SEPTEMBER - 01 October 2023


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Market Access through the Fak’ugesi Festival

The Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival has been supporting and celebrating the crossover of art, culture and technology since 2014, with the objective to support and celebrate creative and digital innovation cultures of Africa. It is an annual festival which strives to support growth and development in the digital creative sectors in Africa and the African creatives and entrepreneurs that work within them.

It is passionate about uniquely African perspectives and solutions in the spaces where art, culture and technology meet, and works to support the sector through the programming of exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and events.

The festival is rooted in the sector and is programmed annually in response to development needs identified by sector practitioners.


The Fak’ugesi Festival’s, which means means “Switch it on” or “add power” in urban Zulu,  is designed to support and celebrate creative and digital innovation cultures of Africa. It is focused on culture, technology and innovation in Africa and offers an opportunity for young adults, with or without formal education, to learn or engage with tomorrow’s technology.

Tshimologong Innovation Precinct and Wits School of Arts are proud to announce the 8th annual Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival 2021 by the newly appointed curator dillion s. phiri. Fak’ugesi Festival 2021 will continue to bring industry, researchers and creators together to celebrate how technology enables creativity while zooming in on the ways this relationship shapes our lives. From the 14th to the 24th of October 2021, the festival returns to explore what building currently means for creatives using tech, under the banner of this year’s theme: #BuildCozYouHaveTo.


Newly appointed Festival curator and social sculptor dillion s. phiri, best known for founding Creative Nestlings, brings you this year’s programme which is set to inspire and equip the next generation to build homegrown creative solutions across our 6 digital creative building areas:

Digital Music

Digital Art

Immersive media (AR, VR & IR)



Maker Culture (from robotics to the internet of things)

“On an endless digital landscape, construction never really ends,” says phiri. “From low-code tools and virtual goods to digital collaboration and the creator economy, the possibilities are endless and the barriers to entry have never been lower. While key structures in today’s digital world may belong to a select few, tomorrow’s world belongs to everyone, especially African creators. If you want to build, the timing will never be better than right now.”


The festival has evolved since its inception with new programming introduced each year to make sure that we remain relevant and trendy. In 2020 the Festival went fully online with great success, attracting an unexpectedly high number of international audiences. With the 2020 success, the 2021 programme is planned as a hybrid offering between online engagement and physical encounters at the Tshimologong Innovation Precinct