Mollo Animation Academy and Studio

sustainable creative economy contributor

The Mollo Animation Academy and Studio grows the South African Animation Industry into a sustainable creative economy contributor and creates an avenue of visibility for emerging talent.

The Academy offers a rigorous, eleven-month, paid internship programme for recent graduates and self-taught artists  where they are taught how to work as part of a team, creating high-end animated films.

The course curriculum, designed by our previous studio director, Lesego Vorster, in partnership with the Paris-based school, Gobelins lecole de l’image, takes the interns through every part of pre-production, production and post-production.


Filling the animation skills gap in Africa

The Tshimologong Animation Academy was launched in 2019 to address skills shortages found in the industry – especially in visual development for animation. The internship takes in an annual Cohort of recent graduates and exceptional self-taught artists and upskills them in order to enter into the industry on a level that competes with international standards. In addition to this the internship also aims to instil within artists the need to express Authentic African identity in a manner that moves away from cliche and sheds light on the unique cultures and subcultures found in Africa.
The internship has produced several short films that have been regularly featured at international Festivals.
The Academy in continuously introducing more programmes such as the Market Readiness (pitching) Incubation Programme and the Young Directors programme. These programmes, along with the Studios Collective allow us to develop a content pipeline and acquire co-production/commissioned work locally and internationally.  The Train-the-Trainer and Market Readiness Pitching incubation programmes are targeted at professional development and through this programme, we are able to train our animators into professional qualified trainers with the help of Gobelins and MICT SETA.

In addition to this, we have initiatives such as Animation Jam that we use as a platform for scouting talent and recruiting interns for our Animation Academy.

The internship runs from February to December and calls open up every January – so keep your eyes on our Instagram page.

Programme objectives

The aim of the Skills Academy is to fill the gap of well-trained film-makers in the local market. The Academy bridges the gap between tertiary institutions and workplace as a means of furthering graduates’ skills beyond their tertiary qualification.

Programme Offering

The Academy offers hands-on visual development and 2D animation which is often absent in formal education for tertiary graduates, by means of a tailor-made incubation programme. Learners in the Academy benefit from internationally accredited curriculum and exposure to experts in animation development, offered in partnership with credible academic institutions such as the Wits University and Gobelins.

Through a multi-stakeholder approach and its pan African platform capability, learners also have the opportunity to intersect with other forms of media in the industry.

Programme Selection

The programme follows a three step process to select the most promising candidates who show an ability to work in teams and potential to lead their own productions in the future. These candidates are then equipped with the necessary skills by making actual films.

aNIMATION Success Stories

Sunny Days

The 2021 cohort have produced their second instalment from the Animation Studio - Sunny Days, in just over a month.

Fish Dish

Fish Dish is a nibble of what our cohort of Animation interns can do in the space of a few months- a 1 minute short film pitting the rumbling tummy of a fish against the cunning of a fisherman created in 2021.


Tshimologong Animation Academy gets global recognition

From the Cave’s mouth, an animation short, produced by the Animation Academy has been selected to show at the Los Angeles Rocks International Film Festival (Lariff). From the Cave’s mouth – originally called “Legacy”, was borne out of the November Numerique 48hour animation challenge held annually at Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct. The story, while still centred on grief and the cave, explores the need to reconnect with long lost family and culture. The festival which champions independent cinema “showcases emerging and established filmmaking talent from Los Angeles and around the world”


Lolo is a story which started it all in 2019 as the interns from that year worked on the pre-production of the script written by Selaelo Maabela. Through the NFVF and Department of Arts, Sports and Culture, Tshimologong Animation Academy has secured funds to create an animated 7 minute pilot for the project while bringing back some of the 2019 alumni to act as leads on the project, Sealelo Maabela herself as the writer & creator and, of course, the current interns.