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Market Access through Tshimologong Studio’s Collective

The Studios Collective is Tshimologong’s multidisciplinary development studio offering solutions in software development, hardware development and animation development. The Studios Collective further supports quality entrepreneurs, incubated and vetted by Tshimologong, to accelerate their businesses through market access.

The aim of the collective is to remedy a long-standing problem and frustration with small studios in Johannesburg, i.e. the inability or lack of adequate skilled personnel to see through medium to big projects.

This collective would provide a hub of like-minded entities all dedicated to making great films thus providing some healthy competition for the current industry leaders. While solving real world problems, this collective also provides access to recent graduates, in and out of our own programme, an opportunity to work on quality animated content in their own city of Johannesburg.

The Animation Studio is currently working on developing the pilot of the 2019 intern cohort pitch bible called Lolo. The project is fully funded by the National Film and Video Foundation.

Our Software Development Unit established in 2014 was the forerunner to the Studios Collective  with software development projects undertaken for government, SMEs, NPO’s and universities.  By demand, the offering expanded to digital fabrication through our Makerspace and animation  projects through our Animation Academy. 

The Studios Collective supports revenue-generating entrepreneurs in accelerating their  businesses after participation in the ScaleUp enterprise development programme. Entrepreneurs  who have been vetted as quality service providers for the Studios Collective have achieved  regulatory compliance and are thereby supported to develop market credibility and business  growth. 

As part of evolving Future World of Work models and to retain talented staff, Tshimologong  Precinct aims to support the entrepreneurial journey of the team while simultaneously creating  entrepreneurial mindsets for our business relevance. Staff will therefore be able to apply to deliver  project work that falls outside of the scope of their core work. 

areas of expertise

With a focus on digital innovation, the Studios Collective offers the following areas of expertise:

Software Development
Digital Fabrication
Digital Transformation
Programme Objective

The Tshimologong Studios Collective aims to inflict change in the local digital creative arts industry by:

Gathering small animation studios under one roof, making possible greater collaboration to undertake greater projects;

Allowing us to position Tshimologong as a creative hub where creativity is at the forefront.

Allowing the graduating Skills Academy cohorts access to real-life projects all happening under one roof, thus creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

how it works

After a client is introduced to the Studios Collective, all work with that client is performed through Tshimologong’s Studios Collective.

For each project, a relationship manager is appointed for the subcontractor and for Tshimolgong to ensure deadlines are met and the quality of deliverables are high.


An administration fee will be retained by Tshimologong Precinct regardless of who  introduced the client to the Studios Collective.

This covers essential services such as  contracting, invoicing and administrative support.