Digital Creatives: Acceleration

Digital Lab Africa (DLA) is the first mentorship and incubation program dedicated to innovative creative and digital content in Africa. The very idea of DLA is to offer emerging talents a springboard to fast-track their project’s development, with the support and expertise of DLA creative industries ecosystems in France and in Sub-Saharan African countries. It has incubated 48 projects since 2016.Digital Lab Africa has developed a large network in the French and Pan-African market and has continued to grow by offering an exclusive global mentorship programme that gives creatives access to experienced mentors, experts and studios from around the world.

Introducing: Bootcamp

For the first time Digital Lab Africa widens its offer with Bootcamp – a collaborative space for young Africans working in the digital creative industreis working in: animation, video games, immersive realities (XR: AR or VR), music and visual arts. Creatives will be able to work with peer mentors who will collaboratively design the Bootcamp programme with the participants. The Bootcamp will form part of the 2022 Fak’ugesi Festival where the participants will pitch for production funds as well as the chance to be selected as finalists in the DLA Acceleration programme in 2023. To find out more click below.

Acceleration Programme Offering

For the 6 winners (2 per art form)

• masterclasses

• peer mentorship

• art form advisors

• pitch readiness @ Fak’ugesi Festival

And for the 3 pitch winners (1 per artform)

• production support

• guiding mentor

• residency and showcase

Bootcamp Programme Offering

For the 50 participants (10 per art form)

• peer mentors

• peer creative group

• bootcamp building

• pitch @ Fak’ugesi Festival

And for the 5 pitch winners (1 per artform)

• production support

• Finalist in DLA Acceleration 2023

• showcase @ Fak’ugesi Festival 2023

Criteria and Selection

Throughout the year, there are various calls for applications to anyone from the field of digital content creation: artists, producers, designers, start-ups, SMEs, collectives, students or entrepreneurs, based in Sub-Saharan Africa or a national of a country in this region.

The purpose of these calls for applications is to identify innovative digital content from the perspective of form, storytelling and technologies used in five different categories: immersive realities, gaming, music, animation and digital art.


The DLA is part of our annual Fak’ugesi Festival both as a platform to showcase the output of DLA projects and as an integral part of its programmes.

Fak’ugesi creates an inclusive and valuable connection for DLA participants through:

  • Pitching forums
  • Panels and discussions
  • Residencies and labs in partnerships with other festivals/events
  • Business-to-business meetings
  • Supportive digital community

The Fak’ugesi Festival also attracts a high number of investors through their diverse programming for the digital creative sector.