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Meet our Road To Annecy Producers

Interested in working with South African producers? Come Meet our South African Road To Annecy winners at the SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.

If you are an investor here is an exciting opportunity to connect with emerging producers in the animation and film industry. Mifa (Marché international du film d’animation) is a renowned marketplace for animation and creative content, held annually in Annecy, France.

Attending 30 minute one-on-one meetings with producers at Mifa can be beneficial for investors looking to explore potential projects and partnerships. It provides a platform to learn more about the projects, gauge their market potential, and discuss investment opportunities with the creators directly.

Mifa offers a valuable opportunity for investors to discover promising film and TV projects, connect with talented producers, and potentially contribute to the growth of the industry while fostering African digital entrepreneurship.

Come meet our 5 South African Producers:

Amonge Sinxoto

Project: My Big World

Introducing Amonge Sinxoto, a remarkable 19-year-old youth activist, social entrepreneur, and public speaker. She’s not just an ordinary individual; she’s a force to be reckoned with, representing the essence of African youth in the 21st century.

Amonge has made a lasting impact as the co-founder of Blackboard Africa, a youth Non-Profit Company that is reshaping the narrative of our continent. Through her visionary leadership, Amonge is driving change and empowering African youth to break barriers and reach new heights.

Her accomplishments don’t stop there! Amonge is also a 2019 Global Teen Leader, recognized for her outstanding contributions to society. Her passion for inspiring others and advocating for positive change has led her to become a sought-after public speaker, captivating audiences with her authenticity and inspiring messages.

Adding to her list of achievements, Amonge is the proud author of the Pendoring Award-winning book, “My Big Name.” This powerful literary work showcases her talent as a storyteller and her ability to celebrate African heritage and identity.

Amonge Sinxoto exemplifies the spirit of a new generation of African creatives who are making their mark on the world. Her unwavering dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to empowering youth are an inspiration to us all.

Follow Amonge’s incredible journey as she continues to shape the narrative of Africa’s future at this year’s Annecy Festival, SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.

Tshepo Sefadi

Project: Bekkra

Tshepo Sefadi is a talented and passionate artist who has made a remarkable transition from the world of graphic design to animation. Even though Tshepo enjoyed his time as a graphic designer at a motorcycle company, he knew that his true creative fulfillment lay in the art of storytelling. This realisation led him to take a bold step and quit his stable job, embarking on a journey to pursue a career in animation.

Currently serving as a lead visual development artist and background painter at Hidden Hand Studios, Tshepo has had the privilege of contributing his exceptional skills to various notable projects. In addition, Tshepo has also lent his expertise as a visual development artist to the Kisasi Moto anthology project at Chocolate Tribe during his freelancing endeavors.

Driven by a simple yet powerful vision, Tshepo is deeply passionate about telling African stories by African people. He firmly believes in the importance of expressing the rich narratives of Africa to the world through the highest quality of animation. Tshepo’s ultimate goal is to contribute to reducing the unemployment rate among today’s youth. Through his project Bekkra, where he aims to empower the local talent in their community by providing employment opportunities and showcasing the wealth of African stories to a global audience using the power of animation.

Tshepo aspires to make a positive impact on both the animation industry and its community, while inspiring others to pursue their creative dreams. Meet Tshepo at Annecy Festival 2023, SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.

Farisai Kavayi

Project: Azania Rises

Meet Farisai Kavayi, one of the five winners of the Road To Annecy Pitching Competition. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Farisai is a highly skilled digital designer with a diverse background. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Cape Town, a Marketing Management Diploma from Varsity College, and a UX Certificate from UCT.

Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Farisai is also a talented author. He has written ‘Azania Rises,’ an animated science fiction epic set in the near future. This captivating story promises to take viewers on a thrilling journey through a futuristic world. With his unique blend of creativity and storytelling skills, Farisai has crafted a narrative that combines imaginative elements with thought-provoking themes.

With his extensive experience and multidisciplinary background, Farisai Kavayi is poised to make a significant impact in the animation industry. Link up with Farisai at Annecy Festival 2023, SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.

Lola Aikins

Project: Naledi

Lola Aikins is a talented visual development artist and 2D animator, a Sierra Leonean born South African with a specialisation in environment design, Lola’s artistic skills bring captivating and immersive worlds to life. She pursued her passion for animation by studying 2D animation at LISAA in Paris, France.

Returning to South Africa in 2018, Lola embarked on her professional journey, gaining valuable experience through internships. She interned at Mind’s Eye Creative, where she honed her skills in visual development and 2D animation. In 2019, Lola was selected for the first animation skills development programme at Tshimologong Precinct, further expanding her knowledge and expertise.

Lola’s dedication and talent have led her to the director’s chair for her first professional short film, titled “Naledi.” This project, for which she secured funding, marks a significant milestone in her career. Recently, a teaser trailer for “Naledi” was unveiled at Comic Con Africa, generating excitement and anticipation for the project’s release.

Through her work, Lola strives to amplify African voices, represent diverse narratives, and contribute to the growth and recognition of African animation on a global scale. Meet Lola at Annecy Festival 2023, SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.

Jenna Gien

Project: Mythunderstood

Jenna Gien is an accomplished producer with a wealth of experience in the filmmaking industry, spanning over 15 years. She is widely recognised for her contributions to the field and has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of animation.

In 2011, Jenna co-founded Mind’s Eye Creative, a highly regarded studio that specialises in 2D animation. The studio has gained a strong reputation for its exceptional work and has been involved in the production of various projects that have garnered critical acclaim and received numerous awards.

Jenna’s work has reached a global audience through distribution on prominent networks and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS, BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Showmax. The fact that her productions have been featured on such renowned platforms speaks to their quality and appeal.

Passionate about the South African animation industry, Jenna is dedicated to fostering the development of compelling local content that can resonate with a global audience. She understands the importance of creating content that is not only culturally relevant but also has the potential to make an impact on an international scale.

Jenna has played a crucial role in conceptualizing and delivering award-winning short films and series, showcasing her talent for storytelling and her ability to bring creative visions to life. Through her work, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry and has actively contributed to its growth and recognition.

By championing the development and success of the South African animation industry, Jenna aims to create an environment where local talent can thrive and where the industry as a whole can achieve sustainable success. Meet Jenna at Annecy Festival 2023, SA Pavilion, stand number B.03.